Message from the Executive Director

I cannot believe that I’ve been with Eastern Idaho Technical College Foundation for a year already! This past year has flown by so quickly. I have learned so much from students, staff, faculty, the EITCF Board of directors and the Southeastern Idaho community. I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone who has been graciously patient and kind as I have navigated my new role over this past year. I’ll admit it hasn’t been easy but that is probably the best part, I’ve been challenged personally and professionally. I’ve learned that if we aren’t challenged it is impossible for us to grow and learn.

Our students face the same challenges every day, it’s a choice to wake up and take on the day. Our students are juggling school, work and family. Many of our students are only here because of the generosity of individuals such as you. You have chosen to make a difference in the lives of EITC students. You have helped them overcome barriers so they can achieve their dreams. You have given a single mom a chance to advance in her career to make a better life for her and her children. You have helped a man who was laid off obtain the education needed to transition to a different career and have the ability to provide for his family. You have made it possible for a first-generation college student pave the way for a better have made a difference in the lives of others that you don’t even know.

This community has so much compassion, generosity and kindness. I have witnessed you changing lives before my eyes. You the contributor have helped create a moment of impact in a student’s life. You are building tomorrow’s leaders full of confidence and ambition to conquer the future. Thank you for never missing an opportunity to be kind. The EITC Board of directors would like to extend their gratitude for being a continuous supporter of the EITC Foundation and making it a priority to help students. I am looking forward to continuing to serve EITC students and our community.


Natalie J. Hebard, Executive Director
Eastern Idaho Technical College Foundation