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Each one of our donors has a different reason why they choose to help other achieve their educational goals. From companies who are investing in the local workforce to families who are honoring the passing of a loved one, what reason do you have to donate today?
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Upcoming Events

  • The Great Race 2015 Pre-Race Pool Party

    Check out the new pool at The Apple Athletic Club while learning all about this year's Great Race!
    07/11/15 - 07/11/15
  • The Great Race for Education PRE-RACE Events

    Pre-Race is HALF THE FUN of The Great Race for Education! Get in on the action by checking out our Facebook page.
    07/13/15 - 07/16/15
  • The Great Race for Education 2015

    Redefining the old "scavenger hunt" format as a clever and edgy fundraising event, The Great Race for Education combines trivia and intellectual knowledge with cutthroat competitive challenges. Each team comprised of four people compete for prizes by traveling around Downtown Idaho Falls to pit wit, physical strength and speed against the other teams.
    07/17/15 - 07/17/15